Creatures Encountered

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Below is a short listing of creatures encountered (and usually fought) by the party. Typically, they will be listed in the order they were encountered.

Session 0 – The Forgotten Forge
Cutter (warforged barbarian), iron cobras, Saber (warforged soldier)

Session 1 – Blades in the Night
Glaive (warforged pikeman), hobgoblin mercenaries

Session 2 – By Land
Hobgoblins (bladebearer fleshcarver, bladebearer raiders, daggerburg war mages), bugbear (Marguul shadow walker)

Session 4 – The Excoriate
Bugbears (Marguul zealots, Marguul strangler)

Session 5 – Skulking
Glass zombies

Session 6 – Dark Resonance
Kaela (Emerald Claw Marshal), Emerald Claw soldiers, glass zombies

Session 7 – Cyre-That-Was
Brother Garrow, wolf skeletons

Session 9 – Ruins of Whitehearth
Carcass crab

Session 10 – Stone Wolf
Rorsa (Awakened Dire Wolf), gray wolves, Stone Wolf (half-golem wolf)

Session 11 – Working Title: “The Subtle Art of Double Entendre”
Living color spray

Session 12 – Title TBD
Lesser fire elementals

Creatures Encountered

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