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City of Towers; Population: 200,000
Sharn is the largest city in Khorvaire, and its mile-high towers are a wonder of the world – while the ruins of ancient empires stretch far beneath those towers’ roots.

Common Knowledge

Sharn isn’t just the cultural center of Khorvaire, it’s also the economic one – at least as far as its citizens are concerned. “If it can be bought, it can be bought here” is a common saying among the city’s markets. Goods and services are available in Sharn from across the continent and even occasionally from across the seas. It’s an open secret that not all these goods and services are legal, despite the best efforts of the Sharn Watch.

Travel across Sharn, and between its various levels, occurs using massive lifts and, for the wealthy, sky-coaches held aloft by magic or pulled by beasts such as hippogriffs. Order is maintained, as much as possible, by the Watch, and the city is ruled by a city council, the Lord Mayor, and a vast governmental bureaucracy.

Population: Approximately 200,000. Humans form a plurality of the population (roughly one third), but members of every race are represented in this cosmopolitan city.

Government: Seventeen representatives of Sham’s wards form a city council that appoints a Lord Mayor and administers the city’s vast bureaucracy.

Defense: The Sharn Watch enforces the laws of the city and patrols the streets, but the Watch is riddled with corruption. A branch of the Watch called the Guardians of the Gate monitors the activities of foreigners in the city, alert to the possibility of espionage and subterfuge. The Redcloak Battalion, an elite military unit, activates in situations that require extreme force.


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