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The Sovereign Host

Good Pantheon
Sphere: All the world, focused primarily on aspects of civilized life
Domain: Civilization, Fate, Knowledge

Common Knowledge

Religion: The Sovereign Host is a pantheon of nine deities: Arawai, Aureon, Balinor, Boldrei, Dol Arrah, Dol Dorn, Kol Korran, Olladra, and Onatar. The overwhelming majority of Vassals – as worshipers of the Host are known – revere the entire pantheon, not just one or two of its number.

The Celestial Crown: Almost everyone is familiar with the blue and gold symbol of the Sovereign Host, also known as the Octogram.

As a group, the Host exhorts its followers to:

  • Place your trust in the community. The group is stronger by far than the individual. The great light of a city is composed of the thousands of flames of its citizens. You must ensure that your flame is as bright as you can make it.
  • Treat others as they deserve to be treated. If they haven’t harmed you or yours, treat them kindly.
  • Bring the light of civilization to the darkness of the wilds.
Arawai Aureon Balinor
Boldrei Dol Arrah Dol Dorn
Kor Korran Olladra Onatar

The Dark Six

Evil Pantheon
Sphere: All the world, especially the primal wilderness and nature’s destructive forces
Domain: Destruction, Wilderness

Complementing the Sovereign Host and its focus on the light of civilization, the Dark Six represent the darkness of the wilds. The two pantheons were once combined, but a great schism separated them. The Dark Six now oppose the Host on all fronts. Where the Sovereign Host is generally good, the Dark Six are by and large evil. Where the Sovereign Host values community and government, the Dark Six value individuality and anarchy. The Dark Six are cruel, passionate, brutal, and wild.

The Devourer The Fury The Keeper
The Mockery The Shadow The Traveler

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