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Chapter 1 – Shadows of the Last War

  • Second SchemaFind another schema in Whitehearth, a secret Cannith facility in the Mournland (COMPLETE)
    • Rose QuarryTravel to Rose Quarry to find the location of Whitehearth (COMPLETE)
      • Heart of DarguunTravel to Rhukaan Draal (COMPLETE)
      • Find FailinLocate a man in the Bloody Market of Rhukaan Draal (COMPLETE)
      • Save the DriverProtect Failin from some former dissatisfied customers (COMPLETE)
      • Find the PathFigure out what in Rose Quarry can lead to Whitehearth (COMPLETE)
      • MapQuestDecipher the code on the back of the statues to identify the location of Whitehearth (COMPLETE)
      • Escape Rose Quarry Elude the Emerald Claw forces (COMPLETE)
    • WhitehearthNavigate the Mournland to get to Whitehearth (COMPLETE)
  • Mission Complete – Return to Rhukaan Draal to meet with Lady Elaydren

Character Goals

  • Quest Name – Brief description
  • Reunion – Find her mother Shen
  • Metal Roots – Find his “father” Aarren d’Cannith
    • Black Griffon – Found a link to Redhearth
  • Revenge! – Find and kill Haverton Grutman
  • The Little People – Find the Dimplechins


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