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In 994 YK the Day of Mourning turned the once beautiful land of Cyre into the dead wasteland now known as the Mournland. The Mournland is a tainted place where the dead do not decay and strange magical effects abound.

Cyre is no more. The Purple Jewel of Galifar’s Crown, the most beautiful and artistically advanced of the Five Nations, ceased to exist on the Day of Mourning. Four years ago, without warning and without explanation, foul gray mists swept out from the nation’s center, leaving behind a broken, twisted land of horrors. That the fear inspired by the Mourning led, eventually, to the Treaty of Thronehold and the end of the Last War is of little solace to Cyre’s survivors, who struggle today to make their way through a world that fears and distrusts them.

Common Knowledge

Cyre was twice the victim of the Last War . King Jarot’s daughter Mishann should have, by all rights and traditions, assumed the throne, but she was prevented from doing so by her ambitious siblings. For a hundred years, Cyrans viewed the Last War as a personal affront, a war against them as a nation. Losing both Cyre and Queen Dannel to the Mourning was a doubly heavy blow, and survivors still harbor grudges against all the other Five Nations.

During its heyday, Cyre was a land of plenty, with lush farmlands, thriving cities, traditions of art, and elegant styles. As the primary battleground of much of the Last War , however, it was dying by inches even before the Day of Mourning. Its outlying settlements were all but razed, and its cities were filled with the hopeless, the homeless, and the destitute.

History: On 20 Ollarune, 994 YK, beautiful Cyre, the Purple Jewel in Galifar’s Crown, disappeared in a massive blast of arcane horror. No one now living knows the cause of this explosion. It might have been a weapon, Cyran or otherwise. It could have been a punishment from the gods or the doing of dragons. Perhaps something malevolent and ancient stirred in Khyber below Cyre, its rest disturbed by the never-ending conflict on the nation’s fronts. Whispers raise the dark possibility that the warforged messiah, the Lord of Blades, caused the Mourning and plans to repeat it in the remaining nations. Whatever the truth, all that is left of wondrous Cyre is the Mournland. The 20th day of Ollarune is now known across Khorvaire as the Day of Mourning.

Nature: The dome of dead-gray mist that covers the Mournland causes disorientation, fatigue, and apathy. A traveler in this mist can easily become lost, despite the mist’s slightly luminous quality that bathes the Mournland in eternal twilight. The mist is not omnipresent; it forms a border area varying in width from a few hundred feet to as much as five miles.

Regional Features

The Mournland of today is a blasted, twisted wasteland. The dead-gray mists that choke the land are poisonous to mind, body, and soul, and the beasts that dwell within are foul abominations.

Eston: The Mourning grievously damaged this mining town—once the former center of House Cannith — when many of the surrounding hillsides collapsed into the mine shafts. It is a common destination for treasure hunters since the warehouses are said to hold lost Cannith creations.

The Field of Ruins: The site of the last major military engagement of the Last War, the Field of Ruins is the final resting place of thousands of Brelish, Thrane, and Cyran soldiers, as well as Zil, Valenar, and Darguun mercenaries. The mists at the forefront of the Mourning swept over the battle here, and to this day, the bodies, weapons, and war machines that lie where they fell show no sign of decay.

The Glass Plateau: This enormous stretch of land around the dead city of Making is glass that has melted into jagged protrusions and dizzying, impossible shapes.

Metrol: The former capital of Cyre sits on the banks of the Cyre River, and it is said to be a study in contradictions. Even though many wards lie in ruins, others appear untouched — except for the dead-gray mists and the absence of any living creatures. Reports claim that the royal palace of Vermishard, the lightning rail station, and the Sovereign Host’s Cathedral still stand today.

Tronish: Formerly a major stop along the lightning rail, Tronish is now a city ruled by aberrant beasts that are rumored to take their orders from a monstrosity dwelling deep within Lake Cyre.

Whitehearth: The ruins of a secret House Cannith facility, wherein the heroes found the second schema sought by Lady Elaydren as well as a creation pattern.


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