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Playing D&D in a chat-based environment requires a few tricks.

(Adapted from I I I)

When the GM has a large block of descriptive text, he will denote the end of it with the § symbol.

GM: The heirloom you recovered from the ancient Cannith vault appeared as an adamantine plate shaped into a seven-pointed star. It was slightly more than six inches long from point to point, and was covered with strange engraved patterns. It radiated a strong aura of transmutation magic. In addition to the iron cobras guarding the vault, the party was assaulted by a warforged calling himself Saber and claiming allegiance to the Lord of Blades. Six vs. one is just not fair odds, even if the one is a solo. He was soundly beaten. Having recovered the Cannith heirloom for Lady Elaydren, their employer thanked the party and rewarded them as promised. She said that if you would be willing to take on additional work, you should check in with the House Sivis Message Station in Barmin Tower from time to time.
GM: Thunder rumbles in the distance as you cross the rain-slick skybridge that leads to Barmin Tower. The rain falls at a steady pace, causing waterfalls to spill over the sides of the slanted rooftops and balcony railings. Ahead, the door to the House Sivis message station hangs open at a strange angle, one of its hinges separated from the doorframe. Lightning flashes, and you think you hear a groan from somewhere inside the otherwise quiet shop. §

Anything your character attempts gets * asterisks * on either side:

Bex: * creeps up behind the demi-lich, hoping to catch a peek at what it is writing. *
Arturo: * searches the refectory for religious icons. *
Rocky: * takes a running start to leap over the pit. *

Any dialog goes in “quotes.” If it isn’t obvious who is speaking, or to whom, use the character name(s). You can also add physical business with the asterisks:

GM: The raider says, “Your money or your life!”
Bex: “Die…silently.”
Arturo: * speaks in a stage whisper to Ralharath, * "I know this music. Let's...change...the beat."
Relic: * raises his wand. * "To arms!"

Out-of-Character conversation goes in (parentheses).

GM: * The displacer beast swings its sharp-tipped tentacles at Rocky! *
GM: (Does 16 hit?)
Rocky: (No, AC 18)
GM: * But the barbs scrape up against his armor. *

GM: Shadows lurk in the many corners of the old warehouse.
Arturo: (Can I see anyone in here?)
GM (Roll Perception)
Arturo: (13)
GM (Looks clear.)
Arturo: * strides boldly into the center of the large room. *

Ralharath: (Telepathy) “Do you think we can reason with this guy?”
Bex (Telepathy) “He doesn’t seem to be buying it.”

We’ll be trying to use MapTool. Hopefully, it will be a smooth combat interface. Also, for GM to Player notes (and vice versa), we can use AIM, Y!IM, or something like that.

Finally, I trust you to roll your own dice, but if you would rather “make your rolls in the open,” we can use an MapTool. To generate random numbers, type this script in the MapTool chat window will generate random numbers:

/roll dice#dsides#

So, if you need to roll 1d20, type ”/roll 1d20”

You can also add modifiers to the roll:

/roll dice#dsides#

Or, ”/roll 1d20+5”

Chat Gaming

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