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Below is a list of all the books we are currently using. See notes for restrictions. All rules are subject to the current errata, which can be found here.

  • Everything is available from the Core Rules* and Power Sources.
  • Dragon Magazine and Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide content may be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Forgotten Realms specific things, such as Spellscars will probably not be allowed.
*See Chargen for Player's Handbook 3 restrictions.

Core Rules

Player’s HandbookPlayer’s Handbook FAQ

Player’s Handbook 2Player’s Handbook 2 FAQ

Player’s Handbook 3Player’s Handbook 3 FAQ

Heroes of the Fallen LandsHeroes of the Fallen Lands FAQ

Heroes of the Forgotten KingdomsHeroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms FAQ

Power Sources

Arcane PowerArcane Power FAQ

Divine PowerDivine Power FAQ

Martial PowerMartial Power FAQ

Martial Power 2Martial Power 2 FAQ

Primal PowerPrimal Power FAQ

Psionic PowerPsionic Power FAQ


Adventurer’s VaultAdventurer’s Vault FAQ

Adventurer’s Vault 2Adventurer’s Vault 2 FAQ

Player’s Guides

Eberron Player’s GuideEberron Player’s Guide FAQ

Forgotten Realms Player’s GuideForgotten Realms Player’s Guide FAQ


Eberron: Nocturne darkjest