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Aundair is one of the Five Nations of the original Kingdom of Galifar. Although much of its western forest territory has now become the Eldeen Reaches, Aundair still possesses beautiful swaths of fertile fields that supply the nations of Khorvaire with food and fine wines while large institutions of higher learning output scholars and knowledge.

Common Knowledge

Arcana: Aundair attracts hopeful apprentices from all over the continent. The nation embraces and celebrates its magical citizens, funding numerous schools and guilds to produce the finest mages in the Five Nations. Most would-be students travel to Arcanix first, to present themselves before the masters of the Arcane Congress. This ancient institution, founded by King Galifar I a thousand years ago, stands at the forefront of magical innovation and study.

History: : Like all the Five Nations, Aundair takes its name from one of Galifar ir’Wynarn’s children, the first king’s eldest daughter. Rule passed from one scion to another until the death of King Jarot, at which point Galifar ceased to be and civil war began. Aundair’s current royal line descends from King Jarot’s son Wrogar. The dynasty has ruled continuously – aside from a single period of regency through the trials of the last century. Queen Aurala ir’Wynarn, the current monarch, is known for her beauty, cunning, and diplomatic expertise.

Nature: Aundair is a relatively small nation at present, with lands stretching from Scions Sound past the Starpeaks and narrowing to the south around territory controlled by Thrane. It extends west to the Eldeen Reaches and south nearly to the Blackcaps. Aundair’s landscape features rolling countryside carved up into fields and sprinkled with hamlets connected by winding paths and caravan routes. Cultivated lands surrender to the ancient forests such as the Whisper Woods to the north, the Chanthwood and the Duskwood to the west, and the Eldritch Groves to the south near Arcanix.


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