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Most folk carry a common surname, either a family name or a name related to their region of origin or job. Sorn Fellhorn, Kara of Windshire, and Tellan Magewright are all examples of naming conventions among the common folk of the Five Nations. Those born outside the Five Nations may follow this convention, or may not carry a name other than their given name.

The royal families that trace their roots to the original kings and nobles of the Five Nations, as well as those granted land and titles in more recent times, add an ir’ in front of their surname. So, Queen Aurala of Aundair carries the name of Galifar’s kings, ir’Wynarn, while a vassal lord identifies himself as Lord Darro ir’Lain. This practice extends to the Mror Holds and Zilargo, where some dwarf and gnome families were granted titles by the Galifar rulers.

In a practice that predates Galifar and was introduced after the War of the Mark, those born of the blood of the dragonmarked houses add a d’ to their surnames. Merrix d’Cannith, Orum d’Kundarak, and Elsen d’Medani are all blood members of the dragonmarked houses.


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