Tag: Male Personality


  • Relic

    |*Height:* 6'0"|*Weight:* 275|*Age:* 7| |*Eyes:* Green|*Hair:* N/A|*Skin:* N/A| *APPEARANCE*
    Physical description *BACKGROUND*
    *Trouble Aspect:* Something to Prove *Where did you come from?* Relic was 'awakened' in a large factory …

  • Rocky

    |*Height:* 6'0"|*Weight:* 325|*Age:* 5| |*Eyes:* Varies|*Hair:* None|*Skin:* Silver, Metallic| *APPEARANCE*
    Large and bulky, Rocky is imposing. Those unfamiliar with warforged personalities likely believe him to be a cold blooded killer, a wolf …