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  • Arturo

    |*Height:* 6'2"|*Weight:* 190 lbs|*Age:* 25| |*Eyes:* Red-Orange|*Hair:* Black|*Skin:* Light-Rust| *APPEARANCE*
    Arturo is tall for a tiefling, of medium build and proud stature. His horns sweep from his temples up and back over his skull and …

  • Relic

    |*Height:* 6'0"|*Weight:* 275|*Age:* 7| |*Eyes:* Green|*Hair:* N/A|*Skin:* N/A| *APPEARANCE*
    Physical description *BACKGROUND*
    *Trouble Aspect:* Something to Prove *Where did you come from?* Relic was 'awakened' in a large factory …

  • Rickard d'Tharashk

    |*Height:* 5'10"|*Weight:* 185|*Age:* 27| |*Eyes:* Green|*Hair:* Brown|*Skin:* White| *APPEARANCE*
    Physical description *BACKGROUND*
    (WORK IN PROGRESS) Rickard grew up the son of Johann and Wilhelmina, unmarked members of [[Tharashk| …