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  • Session 2

    h4. Lightning Rail - Sharn to Sterngate
    7 Barrakas, 998 YK
    Sar, 12:01 PM The Cyrans booked standard passage for themselves on the lightning rail using a voucher provided by Lady Elaydren in the backpack, along with assorted equipment and a …

  • Session 3

    h4. Rhukaan Draal
    21 Barrakas, 998 YK
    Sar, 9:48 AM Rocky first laid eyes upon Rhukaan Draal mid-morning of the fifth day after the attack. The caravan had seen no further trouble from the _Kech Shaarat_ for the rest of the trip to the city, …

  • Skulking

    h4. Rose Quarry
    24 Barrakas, 998 YK
    Zol, 8:27 PM “Oy, well here there be Emerald Claws,” Arturo said, chuckling nervously. He wasn’t thrilled that Rocky had decided to stay with the land cart to ensure Failin would not simply leave them out …

  • Dark Resonance

    h4. Rose Quarry
    24 Barrakas, 998 YK
    Zol, 9:15 PM It seemed to Relic that the sounds of pickaxes striking glass sounded loudest somewhere to the east. He waited in the shadows of the large red-marble building with Rickard while Bex and Arturo …

  • Cyre-That-Was

    h4. Rose Quarry
    24 Barrakas, 998 YK
    Zol, 9:36 PM Bex scratched her chin thoughtfully. “Anyone have any ideas?” “Match the colors?” Arturo suggested, moving to clear the rubble away from the floor in front of the northern fireplace. The …

  • Darguun

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Places]] >> *Darguun* --- Depending upon one's point of view, Darguun is either the strong rightful heir of a defeated land, or it's a scab growing over the wounds of deception and deceit. A nation of warriors built on the ruins …