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  • Session 1

    h4. Sharn
    Barmin Tower – House Sivis Message Station
    6 Barrakas, 998 YK
    Far, 8:13 PM Thunder rumbled in the distance as the six Cyrans crossed the rain-slick skybridge that led to Barmin Tower. The rain fell at a steady pace, causing …

  • Session 2

    h4. Lightning Rail - Sharn to Sterngate
    7 Barrakas, 998 YK
    Sar, 12:01 PM The Cyrans booked standard passage for themselves on the lightning rail using a voucher provided by Lady Elaydren in the backpack, along with assorted equipment and a …

  • Breland

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Places]] >> *Breland* --- !{float: right}http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y243/Kalenthor/Eberron/BrelandSymbol.jpg! Breland lies in the southwest of the continent of *Khorvaire* enjoying one of the largest areas of the nations …